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The Globe is an independent, student-run online and print newspaper at Georgia Gwinnett College. The Globe covers news about the campus and the surrounding community, including campus events, local festivals, student life, and new facilities.

The Globe offers students opportunities to learn skills including writing, marketing, video production, photography, and editing.

The newspaper was founded in 2015, made an institutionalized organization in 2016 alongside SGA and greenlight.

The primary mission of The Globe will be allowing students to independently report news that is relevant to the campus community about the institution and the Gwinnett County area.

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Meet The Team

Marenda Scales

Marenda Scales


Marenda Scales is an English Major with an IT minor. Marenda is on track to graduate in Spring 2020 and has been working with The Globe as an Editor in Chief since Spring 2017.

After graduation, she hopes to be a freelance Journalist or technical writer.

She enjoys reading and expanding her knowledge in the field of Afrofuturism.

Katie Choy

Katie Choy

Managing Editor

Katie Choy is a senior English major who is minoring in IT. Katie is on track to graduate in August 2019 and has been working with The Globe as a copy editor since fall 2017.

After graduation, she hopes to work as a technical writer and editor in the technology field.

Once upon a time, Katie wanted to study music. Although her plans have changed, she still enjoys playing guitar, viola, and listening to orchestral music every now and then.


Vincentiu Sebastian Olteanu

Vincentiu Sebastian Olteanu

Design Editor/Photographer

Vincentiu Sebastian Olteanu goes by his middle name Sebastian. Sebastian is a Biology Major with a concentration in Cell and Biotechnology while pursuing a minor in Chemistry.

He has been working with The Globe since fall 2018 as a photographer. In January 2019, Sebastian will be the new Design Editor.

After graduation, Sebastian plans to find a career in the medical field doing either research or patient care.

When he is not studying or doing homework, he enjoys walking along nature trails and taking pictures.

Jocelyn Lee

Jocelyn Lee

Business Manager

Jocelyn Lee is a Business major with a concentration in accounting with a minor in Information Technology. Jocelyn is on track to graduate fall of 2020.

Jocelyn has been working with The Globe since fall of 2018 assuming the Role as business manager.

After graduation, she plans to get her masters in hospitality management and then work within hotel management.

Jocelyn enjoys reading and finding new coffee shops in her area.

Marium Zafar

Marium Zafar

News Editor

Marium Zafar is a Political Science major with minors in Infomation Technology and English.

She has been working with The Globe since September of 2017. Marium started out as a reporter and is the newspapers’ News Editor.

After graduation, she plans to work with an organization/ company that will allow her to use her skills in multiple subjects. Marium also wants to travel, continue to engage in Islamic Studies, and bring together cultures and people around the world together.

Jay Dinh

Jay Dinh

Communications Editor

Jay Dinh is a writer, aspiring filmmaker, and huge coffee enthusiast.

He was born in San Diego, California. When he was 7 years old, he moved to Georgia. He’s currently majoring in English and minoring in Film. Growing up, he has always had a passion for literature.

Jay has been a part of The Globe since Spring 2018.

He quickly fell in love filmmaking when he borrowed his cousin’s camera and never gave it back (whoops!). He’s an advocate for human rights and loves to study gender and sexuality.

When he’s not writing or filming, he enjoys scouting around Georgia for new coffee shops, playing guitar or piano, and petting puppies.

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

Media Team Lead

Richard Harrison is an Applied Mathematics Major with a minor in Economic. Richard is on track to graduate in Spring 2020 and has been working with The Globe as a videographer since fall 2018.

After graduation, he hopes to build startups that push human possibility and focus on environmental cleanup.

Richard enjoys obsessively learning and mastering skills related to Photography, Videography, Graphic design and Engineering; Occasionally playing League of Legends.”

D’Onjre Young

D’Onjre Young


D’Onjre Young is a junior at GGC with a Major in Cinema Media Arts and Production, CMAP for short, and a Minor in Business Administration. D’Onjre is on track to graduate in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 and has been working with The Globe as a photographer since early fall 2018. He has continued with photographer and also a writer. He ” loves both, no complaints.”

After graduation, he hopes to snag a job working with cameras.

D’onjre enjoys creating, whether it’s writing, photography, video editing, digital media, or filmmaking.

Amanda Tapia

Amanda Tapia


Amanda Tapia is a junior pursuing an English major. Amanda is on track to graduate in Fall 2020 and has been working with the globe as a video reporter since Fall of 2018.

After graduation, she hopes to become a journalist or a social media coordinator.

Amanda is a high school volleyball coach and enjoys music, theatre, and photography.

Chandler Smith

Chandler Smith

News Editor/ Writer

Chandler is a fourth-year English Writing and Rhetoric major that started writing for The Globe fall semester of 2018.

However, she also wrote for Kennesaw State’s student newspaper, The Sentinel, during her two years there.

After graduation, Chandler plans to work as a freelance writer in order to support her acting career.

Caleb Gay

Caleb Gay

Sports Writer
Caleb Gay is an English Major. Caleb is on track to graduate in 2020 and has been working with The Globe as a sports writer since fall 2018.
After graduation, he hopes to play baseball professionally or be a sports journalist/broadcaster.
Caleb enjoys playing baseball for GGC, basketball, global and local missions work, and strengthening his relationship with Jesus Christ.

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